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2 September 2014
UC to help with forestry safety

The University of Canterbury is to launch a new research project to make sure New Zealand's new forestry roads are safe and are established with minimal environmental impact.

1 September 2014
Landmark book released on NZ's iconic tuatara

A landmark publication about New Zealand's iconic reptile, the tuatara, has been released by Canterbury University Press (CUP).

1 September 2014
Successful Platform Arts Festival is back

The University of Canterbury (UC) will celebrate the fifth instalment of the successful biannual Platform Arts Festival in early September.

1 September 2014
Project looking at car parking buildings and fires

The potential for a fire to spread through a multi-storey car parking building is largely dependent on how many cars are parked in the building.

1 September 2014
Economics team studying workers' comparing wages

A University of Canterbury economics research team is looking at fairness of the job assignments and whether workers are sensitive to the wages of their co-workers.

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