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24 August 2016
Is New Zealand food safe? A toxicologist's view

In his upcoming UC Connect public talk, Professor of Toxicology Ian Shaw will explore New Zealand food safety from a toxicologist's perspective.

23 August 2016
UC Forestry academic wins international award

Dr Justin Morgenroth, senior lecturer in the New Zealand School of Forestry at University of Canterbury, has been awarded the 2016 Early Career Scientist Award by ISA.

22 August 2016
UC Connect: Riding the exponential wave of change

In a UC Connect public lecture, Singularity University's New Zealand Ambassador will look at the dramatic implications of exponential technologies.

18 August 2016
UC researcher closer to her NASA astronaut dream

Dr Sarah Kessans, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Canterbury, is in the top 1% of applicants shortlisted by NASA to become an astronaut.

16 August 2016
Didymo directly affects freshwater fish: new study

A new study by University of Canterbury researchers has shown that the invasive freshwater algae didymo is having a significant impact on fish in our rivers and streams.

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