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24 June 2016
New engineering diploma has humanitarian focus

Learning how to apply analytical and problem solving skills to create a better world is the goal of UC's new Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering (DipGlobalHumanEng).

22 June 2016
Can we rehabilitate our problem waterways?

Finding solutions to problems in Canterbury's waterways isn't an isolated challenge. Freshwater health is failing across New Zealand and the world, says Prof Angus McIntosh.

22 June 2016
Synaesthetes taste sound, hear colour

A UC study suggests that synaesthesia does not make you more or less creative, however, a teacher's understanding of synaesthesia could enhance how they teach the arts.

21 June 2016
Bushrangers' multiple murders brought to light

A book about one of the South Island's most shocking multiple murders has been published by Canterbury University Press to mark the 150th anniversary of the crimes.

20 June 2016
Virtuoso violinist adds new string to his bow

With an established international music career based in the United States, Professor Mark Menzies is answering a trans-Pacific calling from his alma mater, UC.

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