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21 February 2017
UC research: Are we all intuitive maths geniuses?

Are all of us essentially geniuses at maths, even if we didn't do well at maths in school? University of Canterbury psychologists plan to find out.

20 February 2017
UC research targets dozens of incurable diseases

UC researchers are working on a revolutionary drug-targeting system that could be used to treat a range of fatal, inherited diseases caused by genetic enzyme deficiencies.

16 February 2017
UC opens the vibrant Core of future engineering

On Orientation Day, University of Canterbury students will enter one of New Zealand's most modern and exciting education facilities for the first time.

15 February 2017
UC research into what makes plant communities tick

What makes diverse plant communities like New Zealand's iconic grasslands tick? What allows so many competing species to co-exist? UC scientists are working to find out.

14 February 2017
UC Pacific academic wins Fulbright award

UC Professor Steven Ratuva has won a prestigious Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellowship to carry out research as a visiting professor in the United States.

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