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19 December 2014
New Zealand plants covered

A new book on how to make the best use of New Zealand native ground cover plants in gardens of all sizes has been published by Canterbury University Press (CUP).

19 December 2014
Inaugural scholarships for top achievers

UC International College has announced the first two winners of the Navitas Academic Scholarships.

19 December 2014
Researchers to simulate impact of earthquakes

University of Canterbury experts will next year use its BlueFern computer to simulate what happened under the ground during the Canterbury earthquakes.

18 December 2014
NZ on the bow wave of global change

New Zealand is on the bow wave of global change due to its southern location near the Antarctic circumpolar current, a visiting academic says.

17 December 2014
Nearly 1400 students graduating from UC this week

More than 1400 students will graduate from the University of Canterbury this week.

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